Today’s marketplace waits for no one!

We deliver accurate results and resources fast.

We're an extension of your team

We work in partnership and bring a level of professionalism to each assignment that compliments and enhances the relationships you have worked hard to establish.

You can serve your customers quickly

In order to remain competitive, you need to have the resources at hand to server your customers quickly, efficiently and reliably. With our help, you’ll enjoy a seamless “fit” between your organization, your contractor and your customers.

You can reward your donors automatically

When you are working with donors, you need to respond in a timely and respectful manner. We’ll help you process your donations through order entering and reporting to acknowledgement and gift fulfillment. All within 24-48 hours!

What We Can Do For You

Lockbox & Data Entry

From Lockbox services and caging (remittance processing) to data order entry and reporting, our computer operations staff and systems ensure the accurate and reliable processing of your data donations an orders.


We can handle a wide variety of variable personalization and digital printing needs including Donor Acknowledgements Printing, Labels Printing, Direct Mail and Inkjet Envelope Printing.

Data Processing, Mailshop, Mailing & File Processing

From List Rental or Downloading of your data -We’ll presort, personalize, fold, machine or hand insert, live stamp or meter, seal and mail your targeted direct mail – large mailings or small – including high quality matched mailings.

Here’s how we can help you save time in your busy schedule.


We can do hand fulfillment of your high end mail projects or product fulfillment for premium sales.  Using smart technology and state of the art software your staff can have same day internet access to today’s order fulfillment.


We maintain a clean smart warehouse environment that features climate-control, 24 hour security and palette racking as well as tight inventory control procedures.

Special Projects

Our facilities, experience and flexibility allow us to handle even the most demanding data processing and fulfillment requests. Our personally trained staff are dedicated to working on detailed, high value, promotions.


Dive into our real world processes that save you time and grow your donor relationships

We're fast and accurate with your donations!

Save valuable time and put your staff on projects and tasks that matter most. We’ll take care of opening and sorting your donations before moving onto the next step.

We handle your donations and payments with ease.

Next up, we take your check donations and payments and create deposits for you. Taking online payments? We cover that next.

Accepting online payments and donations, we'll process those for you too!

After we’ve worked out your check payments and donations, we’ll add all of your online transactions into the mix too. You offer the service for your donors on your website, and we’ll track and report all of your transactions.

We process your data with care.

Now that we’ve processed your payments and donations, it’s time to enter all that data into your donor database. This keeps your records up to date and accurate. Our staff is trained on a variety of donor management programs and will work with you to deliver your data in a usable manner.

Don't wait! Get your information fast within 24-48 hours.

We take pride in our customer’s speedy access to all of their donor data. Our team works to ensure the entire process from receiving a donation to donor acknowledgement is completed in no more than 48 hours.

Congrats, we've processed your entire donation while you've been able to do what you do best and focus on your mission!

Our team has saved you valuable time by opening and processing all of your donations. We took it a step further by ensuring that you have the latest information on hand in your database and sent an acknowledge receipt right to your donor for you. No more waiting for someone on your team to fulfill this process for you. Now you’re free to continue cultivating more support for your organization while we manage all of the processing and fulfillment for you.

Track your projects
in our NEW
Client Dashboard

We’re pleased to announce our new client dashboard exclusively for clients. Check out some of the features that make your day to day easier to track.

Go to Your Client Dashboard

DOur Dashboard allows you to monitor your mail from its arrival at Premier from the United States Postal Service to Deposit, entry into your customized database and donor acknowledgement production and mail. Your business will always be current to the last piece of mail processed.

Daily Tracking

Using our secure login you and your staff will be able to know early each day the amount of mail received  to your account.

Real Time Numbers

As each batch of mail is worked you will see real time deposit numbers so that you can stay up to date and current on all deposited mail without waiting for the end of the day report.

Custom Reporting

Real Time and Customizable Reporting will allow on the fly decisions based on current up to the moment information.

Stay Up to Date

Upper Management can stay up to date with moment by moment deposit and data entry numbers as well as those that have been receipted giving your organization an edge over other organizations.


  • Our Federal government clients are sticklers for detail and precision. They're very demanding, so we in turn have to demand the best service from our fulfillment house. Premier fits that bill for us!

    Mary Ann Zimmerman

    Studio 105 Marketing & Communications

  • Premier Fulfillment has been flexible and accommodating to changes that have been required of them as our business changes and grows. Their staff has been proactive in spotting potential problems or recommending ways to economize and save money.

    Lee LaHaye


Let's Work Together!

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